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   Adventure Farm plaque


   The Children's Adventure
    Farm Project
    Sandstone    7 x 40 x 67 cm





The Children's Adventure Farm in Millington, Cheshire is a charitable organisation that provides recreational facilities for under-privileged children. In 1999 I offered to do some artwork free of charge for installation at the farm, as I wished to gain experience of public art work as well as contributing to their cause.
Initially I completed a sandstone bas-relief, something I had not done before so this was good experience. I used the logo of the Adventure Farm Trust (the little boy in a cap) as a basis for the relief, also including the farm in the design. In finishing the carving I also used sealant in certain parts to give a two-tone effect, as the piece was to be hung inside in the entrance to the reception of the centre.

The Adventure Farm house








Spilling over into the new millennium I also carved a series of wood posts (five in all) for the nature trail around the farm, depicting various animals and a ' green man '. This was also good experience as I have done few wood carvings and I could carve them fairly quickly, wood carving is definitely something I wish to pursue in the future.


  snails on apple   owl   mouse  

Snails on apple Owl Mouse

 frog    green man

Frog Green Man

The Children's Adventure Farm Trust were very happy with the results, the wood post carvings were finally sited in April 2002.

The Farm's web-site address is www.childrensadventurefarm.org