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     Hardcore    2001


     40 x 40 cm


This commission is for the new Castlefield Gallery in Manchester.

A small group of local artists were asked to produce designs for paving stones to be permanently sited outside the new gallery, I was one of the chosen artists. My idea was to create an area of rubble recessed in the pavement, the rubble being entirely made from chips and debris from my stone sculpture work, an obtuse record of my personal artistic history and also a representation of the actual floor environment of my studio spaces. 

I would not want to labour any conceptual viewing of the work though, I think stone chips are beautiful and intriguing in themselves in terms of texture, colour and arrangement. Ideally I would have wanted to embed the actual chips in the ground but technical limitations on the depth the work would have to be laid and the fact that it would be encapsulated in resin determined that I used a photograph rather than the real thing.

Unfortunately the original plan to site the work in the pavement outside the gallery did not come about for the opening of the gallery, so the work is currently sited inside, in the floor of the mezzanine floor reception area.

 Hardcore at Castlefield         Hardcore close-up at Castlefield

The gallery's web-site address is www.castlefieldgallery.co.uk