<<<< 2d work


A micro-drawing from 2001, when I was experimenting with enlarging very small digital drawings to allow the magnification 'fuzziness' to suggest images and forms without very specific mark-making.

 Coughs and sneezes spread not spread diseases ?

 Poster design  2003




A design for a poster for China derived from scanned and manipulated drawings done during my residency in Beijing in 2003. Viewers who can read Mandarin Chinese script will understand the meanings of the design differently from those who can't, but those who can't will perceive the design in a more abstract way. This reflects my experiences of living and working abroad in how we perceive other languages. 

The 'logo' is derived from the t'ao t'ieh 'double-headed monster' masks seen on many historical Chinese artifacts.



    As far as the eye can see


    Computer print/plywood

    30 x 45 cm      



The above drawing was done specially for the Secret Garden exhibition at Bankley Studios Gallery. I wanted to contrast slick computer-print drawing with rough construction materials to create a kind of 'picture in a frame' that describes a garden boundary of sorts. However you can only see the boundary, you can see no further.

The printed text was just there on the plywood board I bought, it has no hidden meanings despite what people think!



  Breathe no evil     2004                A1 size                            Breathe no evil (detail)


This drawing was derived from my Beijing experiences in 2003, describing the paranoia of a major virus in a large community , which it was thought was passed by breathing.

I wanted to do a large drawing with very fine detail as a homage to the ancient Chinese decorative technique of covering large objects with hairline details. I was also interested in producing a drawing that had no central focus, the focus was consistent all over the full area of the print. The fact that the pattern does repeat but not exactly, like a screen print for example, also adds to the interest of the piece as a drawing.