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Former         2010    
 (Design maquette for a gravestone)
Sandstone       8 x 20 x 32 cm

I have a liking for used pencil erasers as they have an interesting form that has been unwittingly created by usage. The initial geometric form of the rubber is worn down over time, creating interesting facets. I considered that this form could be used as a design for a gravestone, so I scaled up and copied, as exactly as I could, one of my used rubbers, translating to a small sandstone carving.

The iconic, geometric form of the gravestone being deliberately worn away, symbolically and literally. Our lives and deaths are not highly polished or precise, so it seems fitting a memorial should be irregular but also thought-provoking and humorous. It is a bit corny, but I think I'd like my gravestone (if I have one) to be based on this design.