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Figure 1            Figure 1

                      Two small clay half-figures 2001

Figure 2           Figure 2

I have plans at the moment to undertake a full-size figure , either as  a complete figure or as above just a half-figure. Initially I would model it in clay, as realistically as possible, then maybe consider a stone carving from it.

The small models above are experiments in exploring pose and posture which would be the main source of creative inspiration within the discipline of modelling a realistic figure. Although I feel that just creating a realistic sculpture stretches the artist physically, emotionally and intellectually to a great extent.

I have an idea to do a boxer as well, the famous Muhammed Ali 'rope-a-dope' pose of protecting the head with upraised arms is appealing (as a half-figure motif with symbolic overtones), the concept of taking the blows with the intention of tiring your opponent in order to eventually overpower them.

It may also lead to work in the field of public art statuary or private commisions.