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troppi maquette


   clay maquette



This is the maquette I made prior to carving the alabaster troppi during my residency at the Centro d'Arte Verrocchio in the summer of 2001.

It was meant to be a fun version of the Etruscan urn sculptures which stereotypically depict the deceased reclining and holding a dinner plate, to signify their healthy life. My take on it was to depict my feelings of the residency being ' too much ' (troppi) in terms of hot weather and vast quantities of wonderful food.

I felt the maquette was more expressive than the finished carving, I had to change the position of the hand on the brow in the stone as the crumbly alabaster did not give me enough good material to work with. I also did not have enough stone to depict the legs as I wished due to the thinness of the selected piece of alabaster.