<<<< maquettes

bone breccia maquette                     blacknest maquette

      Bone Breccia maquette                                   Blacknest maquette


dog's dinner maquette                            poor brother donkey maquette

        Dog's Dinner maquette                      Poor Brother Donkey maquette

Yes I know they all look like bits of clay you would chuck in the bin, but each of these small doodles had enough of an idea for me to take forward into a larger stone piece. They had a combination of forms and ideas that I could sustain on a larger scale, and it is sometimes surprising how little the final stone piece differs from the quick sketch model.

I like using clay because of its malleability which allows me to quickly experiment with forms I could not improvise with using stone. I also like stone sculptures that look as if they have been shaped as easily as clay, maybe as a testament to the skill of the artist in conquering the intractable material, although I think you would have to have tried stone carving to appreciate how tough stone is to work, I think.